About Accept/Reject

About Accept/Reject

Vizmo allows you to accept or reject guests before they become checked-in. Each host can accept or reject their guests, or an allocated Site/Team Administrator can do so either from Vizmo dashboard, Vizmo ID application or directly clicking the link sent through text message or email.

Guests, as they check-in, will have to wait as that they need to be approved, and will now be pending until a Host or Team Administrator accepts/rejects their check-in request.

Delegates will not receive guest check-in notifications when Check-in Approvals are enabled and then they can either approve or reject the visitor's check in using any of the below method:
  1. Directly from the Dashboard.
  2. Hosts can login to Vizmo ID application and approve or reject the same.
  3. By clicking the link sent through the email and sms sent to the host or assistant.
Accepting a request will approve the guest checkin and notify him/her that the host will meet you shortly.

Rejecting a request will reject the guest check in and notify that the host is not available for meeting, kindly get in touch with him. How to Enable/Disable Accept/Reject.
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