About Device Management

About Device Management

Setting up and updating your devices (kiosks & printers) associated with your Vizmo account  

Vizmo's Visitor Management System requires the following interfaces for the best results

Dashboard : Requires a browser and an activated Vizmo account.

Kiosk : Android tablet and iPad can be used for kiosk.

iPad has a minimum requirement that it must run iOS10 or higher software.

Badge printer : Brother Label Printer models QL820NWB and QL720NW are supported.

iPad/Android tablet will be the kiosk your visitors use when they check in. If you’d like to print visitor badges, you’ll need a supported Brother printer. Badge printing is an optional feature available through all the plans. If you do not want to print badges, a printer is not required.

Kiosk Management:  

Device management allows you to connect any kiosk to any Vizmo location. The act of connecting a kiosk with your location is called pairing. When a kiosk is paired to a location, visitors that sign in on that kiosk create entries for that location (i.e., they will appear on the location’s dashboard and in visitor logs).

You can pair multiple kiosks to one location. With multiple kiosks at one location, multiple visitors can sign in simultaneously, and their entries are created for the same location simultaneously.
Pairing a Kiosk to location:  

You’ll pair each kiosk to your location using a device pairing code. This is a six-digit code that appears on the Vizmo Application on the kiosk when it’s not paired to a Vizmo account. You’ll type this code into your devices page to pair the kiosk to your account.

Standard plan allows for one kiosk for each location.
Premium plan allows up to 3 kiosks to be paired at each location.
Enterprise plan allows unlimited kiosks to be paired at a single location.

You can pair new kiosk, view connected kiosk, and monitor their status from your dashboard under [Devices].

Printer management  
Standard plan doesn't support printing badges.
Premium plan restricts to using one printer per location.
Enterprise plan allows for any number of printers per location

When multiple visitors check-in through different kiosks simultaneously, their badges will print in the order their entries were created.

You can set up a new printer, view a connected printer, and monitor its status from your dashboard under [Devices].

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