About Invites Settings

About Invites Settings

This section addresses the how the invites can be used.

The access to data and settings vary with role assigned to the user. Only the Admin and Location Admin have the access to make changes.

As a user, if any changes are needed, please reach out to your admin.


Allows the admin to control what types of invites can be used by employees.


Invites added from any other roles needs to be approved by admin / Location admin. Once approved, an invite is sent to all the participants.
There are 3 levels:
1. Don't ask; No approval is required, users can create all types of invites.
2. Only recurring invites; Approval is required for invites which are recurring.
3. All invites; Any invites created by the user must be approved before it can be shared with the participants.

The approval settings affects the Vizmo Pass functionality as well. Broadly speaking Vizmo Pass's Pre Register feature is an "self invite".
Invites created from Admin / LocationAdmin accounts will be auto approved.
Any Pre Registration submitted is subject to approvals similar to the invites.

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