About Invites Settings

About Invites Settings

Inviting a person to your premises for a meeting is not a headache process with Vizmo. Create an invite with admin dashboard,  a notification about the meeting will be sent to the visitor and the host along with the calendar invite. Invites can be created by the employees as well and invites settings can also be managed.

Should Visitor fill checkin fields

You can enable/disable whether the visitor should fill the check in field while signing in to the kiosk. This option is provided additionally for your requirement that if you feel the visitor should not fill the checkin field, so you can disable it. If enabled, the visitors will have to fill the checkin fields. How to Enable/Disable filling checkin fields.

Should Visitor sign agreement

With Vizmo Visitors, you can incite guests to electronically sign an authoritative archive, for example, a NDA, waiver, or well being report, when they sign in. In this article, you'll figure out how to set up NDA marking to address your organization's issues and fit flawlessly into your current work processes. By enabling NDA agreement you are prompting the visitors to electronically sign a legal document or safety document when they sign-in. How to Enable/Disable sign agreement.

Should Capture visitor's id

With Vizmo we are giving the option to capture visitor's govt. id cards to maintain and enhance the companies security policies. You can enable/disable snapping visitor's id as per your requirements. For instance, anybody who's visiting your premise should have a valid govt. id, for which you can request while checkin in and the same will be shared and saved for future reference. How to Enable/Disable snapping visitors id.

Should take visitor's photo

We are giving the security to the business principles with fresher innovations. One of the real highlights is to have an image of the Visitor. You can enable/disable snapping photos for new visitors as well as Returning Visitor which will secure your guest's registration. We prescribe you to enable this element. For instance, anybody enters someone's mobile number and checks in with fake information. To disregard these activities you could snap a photo each time when the visitor checks in to your work-space. How to Enable/Disable snapping photos.

Should Invite Expire

You can invite the visitors and schedule the meeting with date and time precision by selecting the date and time as expected at the field. If you have invited someone, there will be an expiry time for that invite to expire. You can manage that expiry time and even enable/disable that option in this section. How to Manage Invite expiry settings.

Invite Notification Channels

Invite notification channel is specifically designed to have more control over invite notifications. We are providing customisation to control over SMS and Email notification channels which you can enable/disable as per your or visitors preference. How to enable/disable notification channels.

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