Account Settings

Account Settings


When the Vizmo Visitors application is open, it shows the welcome screen. This is the main screen your guests will see, and it has the "Check In", "Check Out" and "Have an Invite" buttons. You can actually design the welcome screen for visitors and greet them with a Wow experience.

You can customize your welcome screen with your company logo. By default it will appear on the white screen and the same logo will be used in Email notifications and badges. How to change Company Logo.

Theme Color

You can customize or change your kiosk theme color to make the check in system more attractive. Depending on your company logo, you will be getting multiple color options which you can use for designing the screen. How to change Theme Color.

Location Settings

You can change the location name, company name and location address. For instance, your company name is Vizmo located in M G Road and same is relocated to Residency Road, so this is the place where you can make the changes. How to manage Location Settings.
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    • How to manage Location Settings

      Edit Location Name Go to Settings > Account Locate Location Name and edit the text field. Edit Company Name Go to Settings > Account Locate Company Name and edit the text field. Edit Address Go to Settings > Account Type the address in the text field ...
    • Invite Settings

      Inviting a guest to your premises for a meeting is easy with Vizmo’s Visitor Management System. As you’d already understood the access to data and settings vary with role assigned to the user. Only the Admin and Location Admin have the access to make ...
    • Notifications

      Notifications can be used to communicate and alert both the host and visitor. When to be notified, How to be notified, Who is to be notified.      Global settings dashboard > Settings > Notifications These settings can be changed only by Admin. ...
    • How to change Theme Color

      Go to Settings > Account Locate Theme Color and click on the color icon just below that. Once clicked, multiple color options will appear which is automatically picked depending on your company logo colors. Click on your preferred color and it'll be ...
    • How to change Company Logo

      Go to Settings > Account Locate Logo and click CHANGE to the extreme right of it. A window will appear to select the logo file from your local drive and click open it'll be uploaded. Please upload a transparent PNG cropped to the edges image having a ...