Awaiting Approval / One click approval for Invites

Awaiting Approval / One click approval for Invites

“Awaiting Approval” Section is shown only in the Admin / LocationAdmin dashboards.

It contains the list of invites whose Invite Approval and Health Declaration Approval needs to be approved by the admins.


Invite Approval:

How to enable Invite Approvals is explained in the Invites Settings Section.



Admin / Location admin can approve or deny an invite request from their dashboard or emails.

Depending on the Approval review, visitor and Host are notified via SMS/Email.

  1. When the admin approves the invite created by an employee then Vizmo sends an invitation email to your guest as well as the host.

  2. When an admin denies the invite created by an employee then the Host is notified via email about the invite denial.


Health Declaration Approval:

The Manual Visitor Approval, if enabled, gives the admin/location admin the authority to validate the visitor's health condition based on the collected responses from the visitor.   

How to enable Visitor Manual Approval is explained in the Health Declaration Settings Section. 


When an invited visitor pre-fills the Health declaration with his basic details then Admin /  Location admin need to approve / reject it by reviewing their health condition




Once an admin approves or denies by reviewing the Health Declaration made by the Visitor, then the visitor will be notified of the same via an email.



Invites log

All upcoming Invitations are listed ordered according to the expected time.


How to delete the invite?

The delete icon for each invite is displayed when the cursor is hovered in the item. To delete multiple invites, each can be selected and deleted in bulk.

Once deleted, the deleted invites cannot be retrieved.






Apply Filter on Invite Table

You can filter the invites by every column such as Full Name, Purpose of visit, Host, Created By and Status.