Checking in with an Invite

Checking in with an Invite

The checkin flow of an invitee is described here, irrespective of the type of invite or purpose of visit.

How to send an invite is described in the send invite article.


Once an invite is shared to the invitee, the invitee has to follow the following steps before they can check-in.


So all the participants are notified via email or sms, depending on the settings.


Internal participants

Employees registered in the Vizmo directory are considered as internal participants. They will be notified of Health Declaration request from the invited email, 24 hours prior to the expected time. Once the health declaration is approved, they can check-in by using the invite QR code.


External participants

Visitors are considered as external participants. The email will prompt them to register themselves via link. On submitting the requested personal details, another email is shared prompting them to complete their Health Declaration. Upon HD being approved, the status page will give display QR code and an option to scan the QR code on the kiosk. The visitor can use either method to check in and obtain the badge. 


Some images to help


Go to Invitation email, click on Get Entry Pass.


Opens a new window, showing the details of the invite.

Use the “Click Here To Get Started” link to fill in the details and submit.


Once submitted Health declaration is sent to location admin / admin for reviewing.




Once HD reviewed participant receives status update email. Use the link provided to get the pass.



Click on Entry Pass > Check-in Now, scan the code and checkin completes.


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