Getting started with Visitor Management

Getting started with Visitor Management

Greet your Visitors with a kiosk based Visitor Management System that notifies the hosts and print visitor badges all through one sleek check-in terminal. The advancement in technology has been making lives simpler over time. Adapting newer technology to perform even the simplest of tasks is very not far away. One such area where technology can make a huge impact is the Visitor Management System. Gone are the days where racks were filled with dusty logbooks with Visitor details. Go paperless but powerful with Visitor Management Software.

Get started with Vizmo

To get started with Vizmo's Visitor Management System, you just need to complete three steps;

  1. Create Vizmo account

  2. Add employee directory

  3. Pair kiosk

  4. Kick back, relax and let Vizmo take care of your visitors.

Sign up

  1. To start your free trial with Vizmo, click: TRY FOR FREE.
  2. Enter your email address to get started and fill up the sign up form.


  1. The sign up contains minimal details to create an account; First and Last names, Email address, Company name and a password to secure your account.
  2. Click the CREATE ACCOUNT button post filling up the form.
  3. Verify your identity by providing the Verification Code received in your mailbox and activate your account.

Experience the Checkin flow

No need to go through the complicated sign up steps to experience our visitor management features and flow. Simply, pair an iPad or tablet to try your first ever visitor checkin with Vizmo.
  1. Device Selection: Select your device type between Apple iPad and Android Tablet which you're going to use for visitor checkin.

Device Pairing: Download Vizmo - Smart VMS in iPad from App Store or in Android Tablet from Play Store
  1. Enter the 6 Digit Code displayed on the kiosk, when prompted to complete the pairing.
  1. First Checkin: Click the CHECK IN button in the iPad/Tablet and complete your first ever checkin with Vizmo.
  1. Visitor Log: Post completion of your first checkin the visitor entry will be reflected immediately in visitor log.

You can skip this experiencing step anytime. However, it cannot be reverted back once skipped

Finish setting up your workplace

Employee Directory

We have two easy ways to import your employee directory, 
  1. Using Azure AD (Preferred method, as this is always in sync when you add new employees or existing employees leave)
  2. Uploading a CSV file (Manual method, have to add and remove the employees in case of changes in the work force)
Importing your employee details will make it easier for the visitors to select the correct host and notify the host as the Visitor checks in. 
Employee account helps them manage their Visitors and send invites to Visitors. 

For a complete experience of our product, we suggest not to skip this step.


  1. Logo: Upload your company logo which will be used in emails, badges and Kiosk welcome screen. Learn more
  2. Theme Colour: Based on your company logo we are providing a palette of colours to choose one as your theme which will be used for styling buttons, backgrounds and email templates. Learn more

  1. Location: Create your first location to keep a track of your visitors by providing Location name, Company name, and Company address along with time zone. Learn more about account settings.

Invoice will be generated immediately on updating the location details. This step cannot be reverted.

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