Getting started with Vizmo Application

Getting started with Vizmo Application

A key piece of any visitor management system is the ability to catch visitors data and visitor must sign in, to get the data.

At the point when a visitor checkin in, Vizmo makes their visitor section. Consider this entry as the record of their visit: It contains the majority of the visitor's data, including sign-in and out occasions, their photograph, marked NDA, govt. ID copy and many more. The moment any visitor check in, the details will be reflected immediately up on the dashboard, and you can see the majority of the section subtleties by double tapping on the entry.

Basically, Vizmo application refers to the iPad or Android application which is used to set-up the check in Kiosk, wherein visitors used to check in.

Check In Process

  1. Click on Check In icon shown in the middle of the kiosk screen to start the check in process.

  1. Please select the Purpose of Visit and Click Next at the right top of the page.

  1. Click on Country Flag and select your country (India is set as default).
  1. Please enter your Phone Number and Click Next.

You may be asked to verify your number by providing one time password sent to your given mobile number for security reasons (If OTP Verification is enabled by the admin). Know more.

  1. Please type the name of the Person you want to Meet in the next step and proceed to the next step.

  1. In the next step, please fill up the required details and proceed further.

  1. In the next step, You'll be asked to Sign NDA agreement for security reasons.

  1. Click Next icon to proceed after signing or Clear to re-sign.
  1. In the Next step, you'll be asked to take a Picture of your Govt. ID. Capture a clean picture and click Next.
  1. Now you'll be asked to Take a selfie. Capture a clean picture and click Next.
  1. You're all set now to meet the Employee and a Visitor Badge will be printed with the given details.

Self Check Out

  1. Click Check Out icon shown at the bottom left of the Kiosk screen.

  1. Please enter the Phone number provided while checkin or Scan QR printed on the badge and click Next to check out.

Have an Invite?

  1. Click Have an Invite? icon shown at the bottom right of the Kiosk screen.

  1. Please enter your Phone number or Scan QR code received through email and SMS and click Next to check out.
  1. In the next step, you may be requested to fill the checkin fields, sign NDA agreement, capture visitors ID and photo for security reasons as per the admin requirements. Know more.
  1. Once done, a final greetings screen will appear with welcome message.

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