Health Declaration; its validation and status

Health Declaration; its validation and status

Where can we see Health Declaration Approval status?

  1. Each visitor's health declaration is available to the receptionist, location admin and global admin of the associated account.
  2. Upon approval, host also has access to view the Visitor's health declaration

How to validate Health Declaration of the waiting Visitor?

Only the employees assigned with role of a receptionist or with location admin can validate a visitor's health declaration.
In a case where employees with these privileges fail to respond in a given time, the global admin will be asked to validate the visitor's health.

When the Visitor checks into your premises, either via Kiosk or touchless on their mobile, the receptionist and location admin will receive an email notification along with a desktop notification on the Vizmo dashboard. Both these can be used to validate the health condition of the visitor. 

The visitor is notified of the status of their Health Declaration via SMS.

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