How to add a new Visitor Log

How to add a new Visitor Log

We recommend you to use our tablet application to create a visitor log. If you want you can create a visitor log without using the tablet application by login to Vizmo dashboard from any browser.
  1. Click Add Visitor in Visitor Log actions.

  1. Provide the visitors Phone Number and purpose of visit along with the checkin date and time.
  2. Click Upload Photo icon and manually select an image file from your system to upload the visitor's photo.
  3. Click the Capture icon, then a popup will be shown to select the camera device connected with your system, select the camera and capture the visitor's photo.
  4. Once done, select the ID CARD type and click Capture ID Card Full Name, Email and other fields.

  1. Now fill up the visitors personal details like Full name, email address, company and finally select the host.

  1. To print the badge directly from the browser enable the Print Badge checkbox as shown in the below screen.
This option is enabled by default so that you can get the badge printed through the browser itself without any hassle.
  1. Enable the Send notifications to host and visitor checkbox to send the email and sms notifications to host and visitor as per your requirement.

  1. After finishing these steps, click the SAVE icon at the top right to save the log.
Click Cross (Cancel) at the right top of the page to discard the changes and to go back to the previous page anytime.

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