How to add different type of visitors?

How to add different type of visitors?

What are Visitor Types?

Vizmo allows its clients to set up and configure different type of visitors as per the needs and requirements of the company. Not every company will have the same types of Visitors visiting their facility and thus Vizmo ensures that a company can configure their visitor types for each and every location. In order to give a reference of what a company can customise as a Visitor Type, Vizmo provides a standard Visitor Type called Visitor which can be used as a base for creating multiple visitor types.

How to add a Visitor Type?

If you login as a Company Admin:
  1. Login to the Vizmo dashboard using
  2. Go to the location page
  3. Select the location in which you want to create a Visitor Type
  4. Go to settings for that specific location
  5. Click on Visitor Types
  6. You will see the different Visitor Types here
  7. To add a Visitor Type, click on the Add Visitor Type button
  8. Here you can create a New Visitor Type by naming the Visitor Type
  9. You can also copy the settings of an existing Visitor Type for ease of setup
  10. Once the Visitor Type is created, you can make changes to the settings within the Visitor Type
  11. Make sure to Save the settings in order to start welcoming visitors of that specific type
If you login as a Location Admin:
  1. Login to the Vizmo dashboard using
  2. Go to settings
  3. Follow the above mentioned process
Only Company and Location Admins can create different Visitor Types.
Visitor Types are specific to each location

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