How to add Global Admins

How to add Global Admins

Who is Global Admin

Any email address used to create a Vizmo VMS account is automatically made a Global admin. A Global Admin has all the powers over the account, any one with this role can add new locations, add new global admins and location admins. 

Add Global Admin

  1. Login to the Vizmo dashboard as global admin
  2. Navigate to the profile menu in the top right corner.
  3. Select "Admins"
Vizmo dashboard, global admins
  1. Click the ADD icon to the right top of the page. to select the Employe whom you want to provide the admin access.
  1.  Select the Employe whom you want to provide the admin access from the list.
New global admin
  1. Once selected, click the ADD button to save.

Once you're done with adding process, the employee will receive an invitation email with a link. He'll have to Accept the Invitation and create a password and then he'll be able to login to the dashboard.
There can be more than 1 global admins, any employee can be assigned a global admin role from an existing global admin.

Delete Global Admin

  1. Go to Settings > Admins
  2. Click the Delete icon to the top right corner of the Admin name.
  1. A popup will appear for confirmation, click Remove and the admin role will be removed.

While there can be multiple global admins, only a global admin can remove another global admin.

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