How to generate visitor log report

How to generate visitor log report

Vizmo will not only be useful for monitoring purposes. One of the major features that any system should offer these days is compatibility. Transferring the data from one to another should be silky smooth. We offer you the transmission to match with industry standards in a click of a button.

How to export daily visitor log?

You can export/download the reports for selected date on date picker. The report contains all of the data which has been shown in the visitor log table. For simplicity and ease of use we generate report in CSV format, so that it can be imported to almost every data analysis software.
  1. Click on date picker to select the date.

  1. Then, click the Export icon to download the report in CSV format.

How to advance export the visitor log between dates?

We are offering you an advanced level of export which gives control over selected timeline between two dates. We call it Advance Export.
  1. Click on the Advance Export button, select dates then click export to get the CSV file for your selected dates.

  1. A popup will appear to select the start and end dates.

  1. Click Export to get the CSV file for your selected dates.

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