How to Import & Export Employees

How to Import & Export Employees

Importing Employees

Employee directory in Vizmo dashboard can be updated n two ways;
2. Using a CSV file

This section explains how to import the list employees to Vizmo using a CSV file. It would be a huge task to add each employee one by one. The CSV file which has your all the employees must comply with the guidelines mentioned on the same page.
Click IMPORT button from the employees actions to get started with importing.

For ease of use, we've embedded the guidelines directly into import employees section in admin dashboard. You can import your CSV file by clicking the Click to select icon. This will enable you to select the CSV file from your device.

Unable to get the right format?

We've created a pre-made template for you to get start with your employee csv file. Our sample.csv complies with the guidelines. You can click on SAMPLE.CSV button in import employee tab actions to get it downloaded to your device.

Like in adding an employee to directory, you can create account for each employee by enabling Account for everyone. An invite is sent to each employee to set up the VizmoID account. This account can be accessed from a mobile app as well as a dashboard on browser to manage their visitors.

After successfully importing your CSV file, a preview of the uploaded employee list is shown. This helps to avoid mistakes being uploaded to your Vizmo employee directory.

In a case only a select employees are allowed an employee account, in the preview section, there's an option to enable or disable the account for individual employee. Click SAVE to update your employees directory with the changes.

All the employee emails and mobile numbers are validated, to reduce the chances of mistakes.
A CSV file with all the errors which occurred during importing the CSV file will get downloaded automatically to your device.

Want to create a new directory with your employee CSV file?

Uploaded a wrong list of employees?

We've got you. You can enable Replace Employees to override the existing employee directory with your new list after importing your CSV file.

Exporting Employees

You can download the entire employees directory to your device by a click of a button. We create a CSV file which has all your employees on clicking EXPORT button in employees actions.

If we could think of one use case for exporting your entire employees directory, would be copying your employees to another location which you've created in Vizmo account.

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