Raising Ticket about Vizmo

How to raise a ticket?

What is a Ticket?

If any user wants to relay a discrepancy they found in using the system, they can do so by raising a ticket. A ticket is an identifier for Vizmo to narrow down the inconsistency and resolve it. Whenever a ticket is raised, our customer support team is notified of the issue and they reach out with suitable work around or a timeline to resolve the issue.

There are 3 ways to raise a ticket.
  1. From the Help Centre on the Web Portal
  2. From the Help Center on the Website
  3. Reach out to our support team via email

Ticket on Vizmo Web Portal

If the user has an account with Vizmo.
  1. Login into your Vizmo account. https://portal.vizmo.in
  2. There is a "Help" button on the title bar of the dashboard.
  3. On clicking a drawer expands with suggestions of help articles and at the bottom there is an option to "Raise a ticket"
  4. Complete the form and submit.  

Ticket on Website

If the user does not have an employee account
  1. Go to Vizmo website
  2. Go to the Resources section
  3. Click on Help Centre.
  4. Navigate to the Knowledge base from the tabs.
  5. You have an option to add ticket on the banner.

Reach out to Vizmo Support

Drop us an email at support@vizmo.in. Our support team will reachout to you with suitable solution.

Please refer to the support articles of the section for better understanding the product. 

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