How to send an invite?

How to send an invite?

Who all can send an Invite?

All the employees of a company who have activated their Vizmo account and who have been enabled by their location admins for the Vizmo platform can send an invite. There are two ways an invite can be sent:

Web Portal

  1. Login to the Vizmo dashboard using
  2. Go to the Location Page
  3. Go to Invites
  4. Click on Send Invite
  5. Enter the title of the Invite along with description and purpose
  6. Select the recurrence as per requirement
  7. Select the date and time of the Invite
  8. Click on the Attendees tab and add a list of visitors or employees that you want to invite
A maximum of 20 individuals can be invited using this feature. If more people need to be invited please use the Import or Bulk Invite feature.
Only Company and Location Admins along with Receptionist/Security have access to Vizmo's Web Portal. All other employees need to use the Vizmo Pass App to send invites.

Vizmo Pass

  1. Go to +invite
  2. Add the details about the visit
  3. Choose the date and time of visit
  4. Add External visitors and employees
  5. Send an invite to all the selected individuals

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