How to setup SP-initiated SSO?

How to setup SP-initiated SSO?

A new SP-initiated SSO can be created for Vizmo by uploading the metadata from the authenticator to Vizmo and by updating the Acs url on the authenticator.

How to setup SP-initiated SSO?

  1. Go to the Vizmo web portal using:
  2. Make sure that you are on the Company View page to ensure SSO implementation across all locations
  3. Click on Single Sign On (SSO) to view the existing SSO
  4. Click on New SSO IDP to initiate the setup process 
  5. Enter a display name and upload metaData file from SP
  6. Make sure that the IDP initiated flow is disabled for SP-initiated SSO

How to manage your SP-initiated SSO Authenticator?

  1. Vizmo Company Admins can connect Vizmo to any SSO provider with SAML 2.0
  2. Sign in to your Authenticator Admin Console
  3. Add a new application and name it "Vizmo"
  4. Add groups and roles that need access to Vizmo using SSO
  5. Download the metadata file from the Authenticator
  6. Copy the Acs url from Vizmo and update it on the Authenticator
  7. Upload the metadata file on Vizmo and give it a display name. Eg: Google

Test the SSO implementation with a small group initially and then expand to other groups via the authenticator

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