Invite Settings

Invite Settings

Inviting a guest to your premises for a meeting is easy with Vizmo’s Visitor Management System.

As you’d already understood the access to data and settings vary with role assigned to the user. Only the Admin and Location Admin have the access to make changes.

As a user, if any changes are needed, please reach out to your admin.


Invite Approvals

Employees can send invites guests by themselves by logging onto the dashboard or VizmoID anytime. However, admin can oversee the invites being sent, if “invite approvals” are enabled.

  1. Invites added from Admin / LocationAdmin dashboard will be auto approved
  2. Invites added from any other roles needs to be approved by admin / Location admin. Once approved, an invite is sent to all the participants

How to edit Invite Approvals Settings

  • Go to Settings > Invites

  • Locate Invite Approval Section

  1. To enable approval for all invites created by employee, choose the "All invites" option from the dropdown

  2. To enable approval only for recurring invites created by employee, choose the "Only Recurring invites" option from the dropdown

  3. To disable invite approval, choose the "Don't ask" option from the dropdown




Invite Notification Channels

Invite notification channel is specifically designed to have more control over invite notifications. Customization control over SMS and Email notification channels allow users to enable/disable as per need.


How to enable/disable notification channels?

  • Go to Settings > Invites

  • Locate SMS Notifications or Email Notifications.

  • Use the toggles to enable/disable the mode of notification



An invite is notified based on the invite notification settings and global notification settings.
Invite updates, Invite approval status, Health Declaration status are notified through emails only.


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