Sending an invite

Sending an invite

Vizmo VMS allows the users to create pre-registration or invite visitors in advance. Pre-registering a visitor will send an invite by an SMS/Email to the guest. It also helps the Admin, security and employees to know visitors before their visit. 

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Individual Invite ( How to send invites to your guest individually?)

Create an invite with the admin/employee dashboard, a notification about the meeting along with the calendar invite will be sent to the visitor and the host.


Head over to the Invites section on the dashboard, then click on Send Invite and select Individual to create the invite for your visitor.


Fill out the details specific to the invite like purpose of this meeting, expected meeting time etc.
Provide the participant details and click on "Invite" button to share the invite.



If Invite is created from the Employee/Billing Admin dashboard, then the Host name field will not appear after choosing the purpose of Visit. (Default host selection).


Group Invites (How to invite your guests and employees in a single invite ?)

You can create a Group Invite where you want to invite external guests as well as internal participants/employees. When an invite is created, a notification about the meeting will be sent to all the visitors and the host along with a calendar invite.

Group invite can be created by employee in with active Vizmo account.

Head over to the Invites section, then click on Send Invite and select Group Invite to create the invite for your visitor.


You need to enter Invite details such as Invite Title, Purpose of Visit, Host name, Invite Description and Comments etc.


To know more about Invite recurrence.




Add Participants:

Click on Add Participants to add guests and employees in a group.




Add Visitor

To add a visitor click on the "Add Visitor" button and enter phone number and then enter Visitor's details and Click on "Add Visitor".

To add more Visitors, Click on "Add More Visitor" and repeat the above steps.


Add Employee

To add an Employee click on the "Add Employee" button and Click on Add Employee or Search Directory option from the dropdown.

If an employee is already in the Employee directory then click on the Search Directory option, then select an employee from the employee list.


In case of a temporary/contractual/consulting employee who might not be part of the employee directory, then click on the Add Employee option then provide the requested details similar to adding a new visitor and click on Add Employee. 

Add people as employee only if you do not want them to follow the check in flow assigned for the visitors.

Repeat the same steps to add more employees.


Once you enter all the invite details and participant details click on the "Send Invite" button to share the invitation to the participants.


Bulk Invites (How to send Bulk invites to your guests?)

You can invite groups of people to your premises with only a few clicks. We recommend you to create a CSV file which contains the visitor details who has to be invited as a group. The CSV file is expected to be formatted according to the instructions displayed.

Bulk invites can be used only from an admin dashboard.


Download the sample we've provided for you on the admin dashboard, bulk invite screen and try editing it with your data and import it to proceed further.



Now, you should be able to see the preview with all the import visitors in a table where you can edit details for individual invitations.

Then enter Invite Title, Invite Description, Purpose of Visit, Host Name, Expected Date and Time.



To edit the details for particular visitor, click on Edit icon associated with that visitor, and make changes in Purpose of Visit, Host Name, Expected Date and Time.



To send an invite click on button "Send Invite" which actually creates the invites for each row you have seen in the preview table. This might take a few moments, then you will be redirected to invites log.


When the invitee accepts the invite, they are redirected to a webpage to collect more details depending on the visitor type selected. This data is saved and retrieved during the actual check-in on the premises while generating the badge.

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