Setting up Touchless VMS

Setting up Touchless VMS

Enabling Touchless

Touch less is currently available for all subscription plans by default.

It consists of 3 modules

  1. QR code: on the kiosk

  2. Health Declaration: on the Dashboard

  3. Invite only: on kiosk

QR Code

On updating the kiosk application from 3.1.3 to 3.1.4, the kiosk home screen will show a QR code.  

Visitors have 2 ways to check in through the Touchless feature.

  1. Using the displayed QR Code and a mobile scanner.

    1. Most mobiles have built in QR scanners into their cameras or as a separate app

    2. When the QR code displayed on the kiosk is scanned a url is suggested

    3. Clicking on the link will open your mobile browser asking for your mobile number, this is the beginning of the check in flow.

  2. Using the displayed web link in the visitor's mobile. 

    1. In the case of any mobile not having a scanner, type in the link displayed above the QR code,, in your mobile browser. This will open a scanner which can be used to scan the QR code from the kiosk.

    2. On validating the code a new page asking for the visitor's mobile number pops up, this is the beginning of the check in flow.

    3. Note: For Apple devices, please use Safari web browser.
  3. On completing the check in process, your host/admin will be notified of your visit.

Health Declaration

Configuring Health Declaration into your Visitor Check in flow

  1. Navigate to Settings > Health Declaration in your dashboard menu

  2. Enable Health Declaration; this will add another screen to the check in flow of every Visitor Type, consisting of a yes-no styled questionnaire.

  3. You can change the title of this new screen to suit your needs beyond the COVID-19 scenario. It has been labeled "Health Declaration" by default.

  4. If Visitor Body Temperature is enabled, a text field will be added to the questionnaire, asking the Visitor to enter the measured temperature before checking in.

  5. If Redeclare visitor health condition is enabled, even a returning visitor is expected to complete the health declaration.

  6. Customising the Questionnaire; every question needs to be answerable as either "Yes/No".

  7. You can add as many questions as possible, but it is suggested to not exceed 10.

  8. After setting the questionnaire, click save to see the changes reflected on your kiosk.

Invite only

Navigate to Settings > App Settings in your dashboard menu

Enable Invite Only option.

This provides only scanning invite option on the kiosk. While not allowing a walk-in by the visitor without an invite from the employees.

When an invite is sent by the employee, the Invitee gets an email/SMS with a QR code and a link asking for more visitor details.

Once this is completed and submitted, the host/admin will validate the invite, and activating the QR code.

Now, the Invitee's Invite code is valid for accessing the premises.


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