Slack Integration

Slack Integration

Using Slack integration, hosts will be able to receive notifications within their Slack workspace.
Slack notifications support the accept-reject feature as well.
Installing Vizmo onto Slack lets Vizmo send notifications directly to employee’s Slack.
To integrate vizmo to the company’s Slack workspace, the user has to be a Slack workspace admin.

As of now, Vizmo system doesn’t create any channels or send direct messages. The system sends all the notifications to Vizmo bot which gets created on successful integration once a user clicks install, we open up a new tab with the url from Slack response (website page) to get the authorisation from the user.

Benefits of Slack Integration
  1. Get notified on company Slack channel immediately
  2. Accept/Reject the visitors through the link shared in notification text
  3. Minimise the usage of personal devices or channels

How does the Slack Integration work?

  1. Visitor checks-in.
  2. Host will receive the notification on the Slack channel apart from the email and sms.
  3. If Accept-Reject is enabled, the host can take an action whether to see the visitor or not.
  4. If Accept-Reject is disabled, the host is notified of the visitor and can directly proceed to meet the visitor.
Slack Integration is available for all the subscription plans and user should be either an admin or location-admin role to set-up.

How to set-up Slack?

  1. Login to Dashboard > Integrations
  2. Click on the Add To Slack button.
  1. Once clicked, you'll be redirected to the Slack website, enter your workplace url to login and click Continue button.
  1. Enter your workplace's login id and password to complete the sign in process.
  1. Once signed in, click the Allow button to provide the permission to access your workplace.
  1. Once done, you'll receive the instruction that Successfully added to Slack. 
  1. Now you can open your Slack channel to view the Vizmo VMS Bot, wherein you'll be receiving the notifications related to Vizmo.

How to remove Slack?

  1. Login to Dashboard > Integrations
  2. Click on Remove button.
  1. Once clicked, a popup will appear to confirm the action, kindly confirm and it'll be removed.

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