Touchless VMS

Touchless VMS

How Vizmo's Visitor Management System can be used as a visitor screening and contact tracing tool for your work place, all of that with the option of contactless Check-in.

It’s more important than ever to know who is entering your building and when they enter as well as having the ability to screen them via a simple question that will determine whether they are a risk to you, your employees and your business. With the Vizmo visitor screening feature, you can easily monitor the status of every visitor entering your business.

At a time of international medical crisis, we need to be reactive to global society to prevent and monitor widespread infection.

Vizmo offers a feature which allows you to screen your visitors, receive alerts and take action according to company policy. You’ll find all the information you need for managing COVID-19 Coronavirus in the workplace, using a visitor screening tool; including time-stamping with accurate visitor records and preventative measures you can take at your front desk.

Health Declaration

If your staff become unwell or contract the virus, inevitably your business will suffer. Preventative measures need to be put in place for any visitors entering the building. Using the Vizmo's Health Declaration you can use your visitor sign-in system to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible in line with your health and safety requirements for COVID-19.

While you can manage preventative measures among staff in the workplace, it’s not so easy with visitors you’re looking to host. If someone who may be a risk to the health and safety of staff in your business enters your premises, you need to be able to identify them and take action. Whether that’s to allow them entry or to ask them to kindly reschedule and return at a later date - whatever your own company protocol is for denying entry to high-risk individuals.

First, you must update the Vizmo - Smart VMS application on your kiosk from Google's Play store or Apple's Appstore. Now, you'll see a new addition to all your check in flows, called Health Declaration, under which you can see yes-no questions. Followed by Visitor signature as part of guidelines and NDA.

This is a self declaration about their health status with respect to COVID-19. These can be evaluated by the receptionist/admin and follow up with the visitor if found objectionable.

These questionnaire can be edited according to your needs, from the Vizmo dashboard. This is part of Settings in the menu, along with the Check in Flow. Here you could ask if the visitors have been to any specific countries recently or have experienced any flu-like symptoms.

Health Declaration combined with your digital Agreement on the kiosk suitably edited to cover COVID-19 preventive measures, you make your visitors aware of the risks.

Enabling Health Declaration for your visitors along with Accept - Reject feature empowers your employees to accept or reject a particular visitor based on the responses to the questionnaire in Health Declaration. Thus keeping your work space safer to both your employees as well as the visitors.

Contactless Check-in

When it comes to business, a hand shake is likely to be off the cards for some time. And while you can easily carry out contact tracing using a visitor management app, the necessity to sanitise after every use could become a little laborious. Which is why we’ve developed contactless. Visitors, contractors or customers are able to easily sign in by scanning a QR code and following the instructions on their own mobile device.

On your Visitor's smart phone  

When a visitor arrives, they simply need to open the camera on their mobile device to scan the QR code on the iPad. This will prompt them to open the sign in form on their default web browser where they can enter their details and complete the contactless sign in process.

Additional Safety & Security with dynamic QR code  

The QR code generated on the iPad is a dynamic code, meaning that every time a QR code is used, a new code is generated. If QR code isn't used, each QR code expires after 1 minutes. This is an additional safety and security measure for the contactless feature to prevent misuse of the QR code at your workplace.

Do it all without a Kiosk 

Simply print out the QR code if you don’t have an iPad and display it somewhere visible at your entrance to check in visitors.

Still a work in progress

Invite Only mode on Kiosk

If "Invite only" mode is enabled, no visitor is given access with out  an invite. The Kiosk interface will disable the Check in option and ask for invitation details before the invite is validated.

When a visitor gets an invite, it consists of a link to collect the necessary details of the Visitor, as set in the Health Declaration. This flow also requests for the visitors location, to make sure that they aren't located in the government designated risky zones for COVID-19. When these details are filled and submitted the host needs to approve the invite request. Only then will the Invite QR code be valid.

Self Invite

Under the circumstances it is wisely advised to work remotely as much as you can. But not everything can be accomplished remotely. There are times when your employee's physical presence is required in the office. So whenever an employee feels the need to visit their work place they can send themselves an invite from their employee account, accessible through mobile application (VizmoID iOS and Android) and dashboard through web browser. This invite consists of the Health Declaration, thus keeping the admin in loop to monitor the health status and the location of the employees visiting your premises.

This new and improved invite flow keeps your employees and premises safe!  


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