What is Vizmo's Web Portal?

What is Vizmo's Web Portal?

What is Vizmo's Web Portal?

Vizmo provides a desktop web application for admins with different roles to access and manage the operations at their assigned locations. The portal allows admins to assign location specific settings and manage visitor types and approvers.

What can you access in the Web Portal?

When you login as a Company Admin
  1. Company Dashboard
  2. Location Page with access to each location
  3. Company wide Analytics
  4. Company wide Visitor Log
  5. Company wide Invites
  6. Company Admins
  7. Company wide Devices (Kiosks and Printers)

When you login as a Location Admin
  1. Location Dashboard
  2. Location specific Analytics
  3. Location specific Visitor Log
  4. Location specific Invites
  5. Location specific Directory (Employees, Visitors and Roles)
  6. Location specific Devices (Kiosks and Printers)
  7. Location specific Settings
  8. Location specific Billing

The Receptionist/Security role has limited access to the web portal but can be used for checking in a visitor at the desk or gate

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