Employee pass management by Vizmo.

What can Vizmo Pass do?

Vizmo Pass addresses Employee Management along with Visitor Management. We'll be adding more features to the cater to this need.

Vizmo Pass Features: 

Employee Pre registration:

Employees can Pre Register themselves beforehand to any of the locations they are part of. Passes will be created for the Selected dates and can view their passes on the home screen.
Dependent on Employee Pass settings.

Pass Management: 

Employees can view all the passes created under "Your Passes". An employee can manage their passes easily. They can easily check in and checkout using the pass.
Employees can cancel their pass anytime before they check-in. The pass contains a QR code and the details of the employee and conveys the status of the approvals. Each pass is valid for the particular registered day only.

Dependent on Employee Pass settings.

Employee Spot Check in:

Employees can go to the site and complete their checkin from the "Spot Check in" option, instead of using the kiosk.

Check in option on the passes should be active only on the day o the pass.
Check in option on the passes should be active only on the day o the p
This option will lead to the check in flow of the chosen visitor type.
Dependent on Employee Pass Settings.

Employee Check out:

Users can check out in two ways

Invite Management:

Employee can send invites to the visitors from the pass app. All the settings for creating Invite will be same as in Dashboard and even simpler than Dashboard, they can insert the invites from contacts, Visitor directory, employee directory and also has custom option to enter invite details.They are allowed to create both individual and group invites.

Individual invites can be shared from the directory as well. An individual invite cannot be made a group invite.
Bulk invites cannot be shared from Vizmo Pass app.


Employee can Accept / Reject their visitors from the pass, When a visitor check-in with Accept / Reject enabled then it will show the visitors log with accept/reject button.

Visitor Log:

Place where can view all your Visitor data without logging into the dashboard. All the visitors were segregated into 4 Groups, namely, Active, Upcoming, Past and Denied. They are sorted according to the latest first. Each tile provides the status of health approval(if enabled).  

Color codes for Health Declaration approvals:
Yellow Heart: Awaiting visit approval
Red Heart: Visit Approval denied
Green Heart: Visit Approved 
This helps the host to make the decision to meet the visitor or not.

Details of the tiles under each section 

1. Active

Visitors / Invites who check-in for the day using the user as Host are shown under here. Can view Visitor details like photo, name, visit purpose and check-in location. It also displays the health status.

To know more details of the visitor, go to the Visitor details page. It presents all the details that filled by a visitor during the check-in and also the check-in time.

If the visitor has left the premises without doing checkout, employee can checkout their visitors from the visitor details page.

2. Upcoming

All the Invited visitors list will be displayed here. The upcoming visitors list are divided based on their Check-in dates. Employees will easily get to know the number of visitors visiting on a specified date.

To know more details on an invite, go to the Invite details page. If it is a group invite then all the invited visitors list along with the invite details.

3. Past

Visitors who visited the employee in the past are listed under past visitors. Past visitors includes visitors data whose HD/approval statuses are approved, denied, awaiting and also visitors who checked in from all the sources. Visitors data were sorted based on their check-in dates.


4. Denied

All the past visitors whose Health Declarations and Host approvals were rejected are listed under Denied visitors. They were listed based on their check-in date. When we go to the Visitor details page it gives all the visitor details that was stored during their last visit.


Employees from all the locations are accessible here. The user can directly send an invite from here, all the details will be autofilled for that invitee and also there is an option to add more participants to that invite and make it a group invite.

Click on an employee to view the employee details, from this page we can directly Call, Email and SMS the employee using the default clients of the mobile.


Profile Settings:

The page contains your details and the account notification settings. The changes made here will be updated in all the places. Except email, all the details can be updated. 


Help and Knowledge base: Leads the user to the support documentation.

Terms and Conditions: The intention of the app, how to best use the app.

Rate Us: Option to provide feedback about the app.

Licenses: List of all the softwares being used.


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